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 Servant of Two Masters Servant of Two Masters

By Carlo Goldoni
New version by: Tom Cone

Directed by: Justin Lee

10th – 13th October 2001Servant of Two Masters


With support from the National Arts Council

A fatal duel, mistaken identity, an arranged marriage, wheeling and dealing merchants, sly servants, true love, blind lust and an insatiable craving for food…all ingredients thrown into the melting-pot which is Carlo Goldoni’s  18th Century comedy of errors, Servant of Two Masters.

Directed by Justin Lee, this modern version by Tom Cone boasts a talented cast consisting of: Steve Clark, Cordelia Fernandez Lee, Simon Hardy, Allison Lee, Shimrit Levy, Maureen McConnell, Phil McConnell, Joe O’Keeffe, Nick Perry, Jeremy Samuel & Howard Young.

 Romance. Intrigue. Food.
It’s all part of…

Servant of Two Masters is a mix of traditional Italian Commedia dell’arte, improvised comedy, modern farce and hilarious family theatre. 

Take a look at some photos of The Servant of Two Masters

Servant of Two Masters

“Taking Silvio’s weapon to heart”.
(Clarice, Smeraldina, Silvio)

Servant of Two Masters

“Make mine a big one”
(Smeraldina, Truffaldino)

Servant of Two Masters

“Not the whip round Truffaldino asked for”
(Beatrice, Truffaldino, Florindo)

Servant of Two Masters

“Brighella fails to convince his waiters of the size of his salami”
(Nicki, Brighella, Vittorio).

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