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Black Comedy & Light Tragedies

Black Comedy & Light Tragedies

Directed by Nick Perry

5th – 8th March 2008, 8:00pm

The Stage Club presents an evening of brilliantly inventive comedy. The main feature, ”Black Comedy”, is a Peter Shaffer classic. When the lights fuse on a big night for an impoverished sculptor and his fiancée, all hell is let loose. Inhibitions and secrets unravel in the dark as what should have been a perfect evening slides into disaster. A theatrical tour de force, Shaffer sets up the situation ingeniously by reversing the normal lighting conditions for us to see, all too clearly, the hilarious horror unfolding.

The first half features ”Countdown” by Alan Ayckbourn: a funny-sad snapshot of a marriage in which familiarity has blossomed into contempt and ”Present Slaughter” by Michael Green where the smooth veneer of a Noel Coward play degenerates into a bloodbath after an unfortunate accident to the leading man.

Directed by Nick Perry ( ”Out of Order”, ”Rumours”, ”Alarms and Excursions”, ”Gasping”, ”Arcadia”, ”The Real Thing” and ”An Evening with Gary Lineker”) and featuring a highly experienced cast, it promises to be a night of marvellous entertainment.

Black Comedy & Light Tragedies
Black Comedy & Light Tragedies

Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer
Brindsley Miller Nick Cheadle
Carol Melkett Anna Vardy
Miss Furnival Mini Elliot
Colonel Melkett Barry Woolhead
Harold Gorringe David Banham
Clea Stephanie Fend
Schuppanzigh Steve Clark
Georg Bamburger Bob Corwin
Present Slaughter by Michael Green
Pianist Anna Vardy
Oliver Roy Marsh
Lavinia Karen Stott
Antoine Bob Corwin
Mimi Denise Marsh
Binky & Bunny Simon Hardy & Angela Barolsky
Doctor/Nurse Anyone backstage
Countdown by Alan Ayckbourn
Husband Simon Hardy
Wife Angela Barolsky

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