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The Stage Club invites the French-speaking audience in Singapore to enjoy 8 FEMMES (8 WOMEN), its first ever French-language play, a detective comedy by Robert Thomas.


8 femmes (performed in french)8 femmes

by Robert Thomas

Directed by Emmanuelle Le Bris

1st – 4th April 2009
8:00 pm – matine on Saturday 2:30 pm
Alliance Française

Spoofy murder-mystery farce 8 Femmes is set in a snow-bound mansion in 1950s France, teenager Catherine tells her shocked family she’s found her ‘Papa’ dead in bed, apparently murdered. Everyone is a suspect – Catherine’s sister Suzon, their mother Gaby, Gaby’s sister Augustine, the dead man’s sister Pierrette, her mother ‘Mamy’, even the maid Louise and housekeeper Mme Chanel. As the accusations (and fur) start to fly and the family’s various skeletons are dragged out of their closets the eight women find out more about each other, the deceased – and themselves – than they could ever have dreamt of.
The industrialist, Marcel Farnoult lives in a gorgeous house, surrounded by six women.

First of all, Gaby, his seducing wife and Catherine, his daugther, a independant and romantic girl. There is also Gaby’s mother, Mamie, who drinks too much and is quite unliked by the rest of the family. There is also Augusta, his ugly sister-in-law who loves him in the most complete secrecy, Mrs Canelli, the nurse, and Louise, the maid.

When Suzon, the second daughter of Marcel, comes back from England, pregnant, she discovers the body of her father, murdered. Then Pierrette arrives, she’s the sister of the victim.

So we have eight women around a dead man, and a detective, who will face the most complicated investigation of his life.

A great suspense theater piece from Robert Thomas.

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