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Daisy pulls it off

Daisy pulls it off

a comedy by Denise Deegan

directed by Nikki Perry

SRT Theatre, 24th – 27th February 2010

“Daisy Meredith, daredevil, tomboy, possessed of a brilliant mind, exuberant, quick-witted, fond of practical jokes, honourable, honest, courageous, straight in all things and … an elementary school pupil.”

And so begins the adventures of a scholarship girl, from a poor background, entering the posh, elite world of Grangewood School Daisy pulls it offfor girls in 1927. Think Hogwarts with girls in gymslips. Think midnight feasts and pillow fights. Think catfights in dormitories. Think schoolgirls wielding jolly hockey sticks. Think Enid Blyton characters with a hint of stockings and suspenders! Think all of this and add a host of eccentric characters helping and hindering Daisy’s attempts to solve the mystery of the Beaumont treasure, while discovering that the class system has nothing to do with how the desks are arranged!

Come and join us in gymslip heaven as we wait to see if our plucky young heroine can avoid expulsion in the face of the beastly behaviour of two reptiles, Monica and Sybil, if she can ‘play up and play the game’ and keep her honour intact in the face of not-so-scrummy false accusations and prejudices.

What exactly does Daisy ‘pull off’ in this charmingly nostalgic parody of wholesome schoolgirl fantasies? Come along and find out for yourselves…

The original London production ran for 1,180 performances and won the Olivier Award for Best Comedy.

“You can’t shake a hockey stick at this spiffingly funny pastiche” The Independent

“…perfectly ripping, not to mention ‘scrummy’, entertainment…” The Sunday Express

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